Cardinal Hugues Roger - armoiries




The family name ROGER is very common and a large number of such lineages are flourishing throughout France. We traced back a lineage towards the end of the XII century in the south part of Limousin (France).The Carnet WEB site mentions that “the House of the Roger de Beaufort, whose family name was Rogier, and originally Rosiers, originated from a seigniory of the same name located in Limousin. In 1260, it was owned by Pierre (I) Roger, Lord of Rosiers.” (translation).   


The genealogy of the Roger de Beaufort is quite interesting since many members of this family occupied prestigious posts in the Roman Catholic Church: two popes, one pope elected who refused the pontificate, two cardinals and many bishops. Furthermore, the genealogy of this family has been very well documented in the ecclesiastic registers.


The arms of the Roger de Beaufort on top of this page bore a blue bend within a border of six red roses on a silver field. Those coats of arms can also be found on the Papal Palace in Avignon (below). Pope Clément VI (Pierre III Roger, the grand-son of Pierre I) had added a chapel to this palace.



Palais ds Papes - Avignon




A document called "Un manuscrit de Sainte-Croix de Jérusalem aux armes de Grégoire XI" mentions on page 366 that "a comparison needs to be done of our manuscript with the ms. lat. 2032 of the Bibliothèque nationale de Paris which contains the table of the preachers of  Saint-Augustin by Jean de Fait… The first page of this manuscript…is nearly identical to the ones (illustrations) of Sessor 20; it contains in the… corners… the arms of the Roger Family of which Clément VI was a member like his nephew Grégoire XI.” We have obtained a copy of this first page (below) and have observed that the arms of the Roger Family appear in the top right corner as well as in the two bottom corners of the page. 









Mr. Léopold Delisle who has traced this manuscript to Benoît XII Library at Peniscola affirms that it was owned by Clément VI, (Un manuscrit de Sainte-Croix de Jérusalem - Aux Armes de Grégoire XI”, page 367). The existence of the Roger arms on this document kept at the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris constitutes for us an official confirmation of the authenticity of the Roger’s arms. 




We have not traced back any link between the Roger de Beaufort and the family of our first Canadian ancestor Gabriel Roger whose father René was living at Ste-Verge in the Poitou region around 1660. Nevertheless, the Poitou area located near the Atlantic ocean is the next door neighbor to the Limousin region (see below) where the Roger de Beaufort originated in the XII century. It is therefore not impossible that both families were linked given the proximity of their locations.